Vote Links and Rewards

Voting helps the server out by gaining visibility. More people there are, the better for the server, which in the end results in a benefit for you the user.
To thank you we have prepared various rewards that will reward you for voting! Full list of links and rewards are down below.

Vote Links


Common Rewards ●

Table 1 - 36% (3% per item)

Thunder stone shards x2

Leaf stone shards x2

Water stone shards x2

Fire stone shards x2

Sun stone shards x2

Moon stone shards x2

Dawn stone shards x2

Dusk stone shards x2

Shiny stone shards x2

Super Potions x2

Hyper potion x1

Premier Balls x6

Table 2 - 27% (1.5% per item)

Covered helix fossil x1

Covered dome fossil x1

Covered old amber x1

Covered root fossil x1

Covered claw fossil x1

Covered skull fossil x1

Covered armor fossil x1

Covered cover fossil x1

Covered plume fossil x1

Great balls x4

Ultra balls x2

Timer balls x2

Heavy balls x2

Books x3

Slime ball x2

Blaze rod x2

Iron ingot x4

Amulet Coin x1

Uncommon Rewards ◆

Table 3 - 8% (1% per item)

Max Revive x1

Rare candy x1

Exp. share x1

Skeleton skull x1

Zombie skull x1

Creeper skull x1

Obsidian x1

Diamond x1

Table 4 - 2.4% (0.2% per item)

Thunder stone x1

Leaf stone x1

Water stone x1

Fire stone x1

Sun stone x1

Moon stone x1

Dawn stone x1

Dusk stone x1

Shiny stone x1

Player skull x1

Diamond pickaxe x1

Diamond axe x1

Rare Rewards ★

Table 5 - 0.45% (0.15% per item)

Thunder stone pickaxe x1

Thunder stone axe x1

Any Pokemon x1

Table 6 - 0.1% (0.05% per item)

HM02:Fly x1

HM03:Surf x1

Ultra Rare Rewards ☆

Table 7 - 0.03% (0.002% per item)

Mew x1

Raikou x1

Entei x1

Suicune x1

Celebi x1

Lugia x1

Ho-Oh x1

Regirock x1

Regice x1

Registeel x1

Latias x1

Latios x1

Kyogre x1

Groudon x1

Jirachi x1

Uxie x1

Mesprit x1

Azelf x1

Table 8 - 0.01% (0.003% per item)

Orb x1

Master ball x1

Burnt Magikarp x1

No Rewards :(

Table 9 - 20.01% (20.01% per item)

:( You didn't get an item this time. x1

Image x