Server is now up and avilable for anyone to explore! We are running the latest version of Pixelmon Reforged (6.1.0). Download Pixelmon Mod Here.
Since server is still being set up and currently testing. Server will be go down at random times, database and any registered users might be deleted, if a need arises.

Server start date: 2017-01-06.
Server info: Enhanced pokemon spawning. Breeding. Riding (HM). Keep inventory on death. Non-aggro Pokemon. Level 15 starter. Sell and buy Pokemon (pshout). Wonder Trade. Grief Prevention + Claims. Multiple homes. Warps. Vote rewards. Kits.
Server hardware: 32GB RAM, SSD Drives, 4c/8t, 1Gbps NC. Located in North America.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT 5.X.X PIXELMON! If you see pixelmon mod rejection, you have an outdated pixelmon and should update!

You can email me at admin@poke-craft.com if you have any suggestions or concerns.

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